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Friday, November 1, 2013

(From Top Left: 1. Glam Glow Super-Mud Clearing Treatment, 2. Ole Henriksen Truth Serum
3. Benefit Boo Boo Zap, 4. Proactiv Repairing Treatment,
5. Pomegranate Make-Up Removing Wipes, 6. Creme De La Mer Moisturizing Cream,
7. Murad Rapid Age Spot Serum,
8. Kate Somerville Liquid Lift, 9. Kiehl's Creme De Corps Body Lotion,
10. Amore Pacific Age Defense Creme)

Finding the right combination of skincare products has always been a game of trial and error for me. Above is a list of my top ten favorites. These products work for me and here's how I use them:

1. Glam Glow Super-Mud Clearing Treatmnent: I try use this mask every three days and leave on for thirty minutes. I notice a significant reduction in congestion when I use this on a regular basis. 

2. Ole Henriksen Truth Serum: This product is oil-free, lightweight, and leaves my skin glowing. I love using this under my foundation.

3. Benefit Boo Boo Zap: The benefit girls introduced me to this product when I stayed in their villa during coachella. It truly works overnight wonders on occasional cystic acne. 

4. Proactiv Repairing Treatment: I've been using this product morning and night for ten years. I'm not really a fan of their cleanser or toner, but the repairing treatment is awesome. Highly recommend this over any other acne product, hands down. And, it's very affordable. 

5. Pomegranate Make-Up Removing Wipes: I love my facial wipes and this brand is my favorite. I use them morning and night to remove excess oil and make-up. 

6. Creme De La Mer Moisturizing Cream: This stuff is the bomb, but unfortunately, it's pretty expensive. Well worth the price and I use it very sparingly. Use as an under-eye cream at nighttime only. 

7. Murad Rapid Age Spot Serum: The best over-the-counter product for lightening hyper-pigmentation. I noticed a fifty percent reduction after the first month of use. 

8. Kate Sommerville Liquid Lift: I started using this product recently and absolutely love it. I use it when my skin looks dull and dehydrated. A great skin boost after flying. 

9. Kiehl's Creme De Corps Body Lotion: I use this daily after I get out of the shower. I've tried several body creams, and this one takes the cake. 

10. Amore Pacific Age Defense Creme: I use this creme nighttime only and apply it after the proactiv repairing treatment because it is pretty heavy. It would make a nice daytime creme if your skin is normal to dry because it contains a SPF 30. 

eBay has been a great place for me to score a majority of my skincare products at up to seventy-five percent off. You can find my top ten favorites in a collection here that I created as part of my collaboration with eBay.

Enjoy your Wednesday!

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  1. My skin isn't the best either, so thanks for sharing this!

    x Krizia

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  2. Thanks for sharing your beauty tips !

    XX Luba

    Mixing styles and textrues in my working look today on

  3. I can't live without my Creme De La Mer :)

  4. Lovely post...I have hyper-sensitive skin so I am very careful what i use on it... a night out at an event with greeting and cheek kissing will leave me with a rash the following morning...I agree Creme De La Mer is by far the best..... I also love Chantecaille Flower Harmonizing Cream, I don't travel without it.. it hydrates the skin and leaves it with a glow... again its not cheap but its worth every penny.

  5. I can't believe you found this stuff on eBay! So brilliant. La Mer is a fav of mine as well.

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    Fashion Addict LA
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  6. Awesome, thanks for the feature. I'm getting started on my little beauty hunt thanks to you!


  7. great post, its so handy to read about products others use & how beneficial they find them... gonna give a few of these a try (or, as many as my budget allows me!)