Tuesday, January 29, 2013

(Sunglasses - Celine, Number 7 Necklace - Marie Todd, Top - Bella Dahl, Belt - Isabel Marant, Denim - Rag & Bone, Bag - Givenchy, Pumps - Christian Louboutin)

I'm crazy about my new button up that arrived yesterday from Bella Dahl. So crazy, that I'm after it in a few more colors, shocker, I know, lol. My Bella Dahl pieces have to be the softest in my wardrobe. They've truly mastered this to an art. I wore it with my new skinnys from Rag & Bone and my favorite black staples. Which reminds me, I'm thinking about updating my pumps with this style from Saint Laurent. It's not patent and the heel is higher (that's me justifying buying a pump that's extremely similar). Yay or nay?

Enjoy your Wednesday!

One Twenty-Seven

Sunday, January 27, 2013

(Fedora - Lack Of Color, Blazer - Alexander Wang, Tee - Celine, Belt - Isabel Marant,
Leather Pants - Tart, Bag - Givenchy, Pumps - Christian Louboutin

This bright fedora added just the right amount of color to my almost all black ensemble that I wore out yesterday. I'm noticing that my style is slowly progressing into an all black phase again, but don't worry, I'm totally happy, lol. It just creates such a clean and non-fussy look that it's terribly hard for me to resist. I'm actually wearing all black again as I type this post, which is going to be my next post, so I vow to bring color after that, promise. 

Enjoy your Monday!

One Twenty-Five

Friday, January 25, 2013

(Sunglasses - Ray-Ban, Leather Jacket - Viparo, Tee - Bassike, Pants - Alice & Olivia,
Bag - Givenchy, Pumps - Christian Louboutin)

I wore this almost all black ensemble to run errands yesterday, and switched out my pumps for chucks about halfway through. I'm loving these new jersey skinny pants from Alice & Olivia. A very nice addition to my trouser collection. After perusing through some of my older Vogue mags today, I was inspired to purchase a white suit for spring/summer. I was limited on time and had no luck in my search. However, I did find a rad printed suit on Asos, and a nice navy alternative on Topshop. If you know of any, please feel free to share!

Enjoy your weekend!


Thursday, January 24, 2013

(Hat - Nasty Gal, Metallic Knit - C&C California, Bag - Givenchy, Belt - Isabel Marant,
Bracelet - Emerson Ryder, Cuffed Denim - Rich & Skinny, Pumps - Christian Louboutin)

Yesterday on instagram, a little private bird told that I need to change my pumps, referring to my Christian Louboutin's that I wear about five days out of the week. I agree that showing diversity on a blog is important, but this pump truly goes with everything that I wear. And yesterday, I wore them with this rad paired of cuffed awesomeness that I received last week from Rich & Skinny. So little private bird on instagram, I hear you, but do you have a better alternative for me? Come forward and do share!

Enjoy your day!

Dreaming In Stripes

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

These striped low-rise skinny jeans from Balmain are everything. I own something almost comparable to every piece in this look, but the pants. They're the key ingredient missing to this recipe. Even if I were to splurge, my size is sold out everywhere. Oh, and what I would do to own this exclusive Matthew Williamson clutch. Shopping problems.

Enjoy your Wednesday!

High Tide

Sunday, January 20, 2013

(Hat - Vintage, Dress - Twenty, Bag - Chanel, Heels - Zara)

I wore this white maxi dress by Twenty to take in the rad sunset yesterday, following a Thai feast of edamame, spring rolls, and spicy noodles, yum! We later caught up on all of our favorite shows that we missed while we were in Oz. Which reminds me, The Walking Dead starts up again mid February. Do any of you watch this show? I was never really into zombies, until this series. Beyond obsessed to the point that any other show that I watch just doesn't even compare. Okay, off for some Sunday night R&R!

Hope your weekend was wonderful!


Thursday, January 17, 2013

(Hat - Nasty Gal, Blouse - Equipment, Belt - Isabel Marant, Denim - Rich & Skinny,
Bag - Givenchy, Pumps - Christian Louboutin)

I stumbled across these split hem pants on Rich & Skinny and I just had to. I wore my first pair in the tenth grade and was ragged on by all my girlfriends. Isn't it funny the stuff we remember? In their defense, I think I wore them with Vans or something comparable. Oops, my bad. I also splurged one more time before I put my bank account on total lockdown. I love my black antigona so much that I thought he needed a mate, Leo. Alternating them will help break up the monotony that's been going on in my posts lately. Don't you think?

Enjoy your Friday!

Casual Sunday

Sunday, January 13, 2013

(Fedora - Asos, Sweater - Wandering Minds, Bag - Givenchy, Leather Pants - Tart,
Tiger Flats - Kenzo)

After sleeping almost twenty hours combined over the last two nights, I have officially conquered my jet lag. It'll be so nice to get back to work tomorrow in full force. Last week, I was literally a walking zombie, lights were on and nobody was home, lol. 

Today, I wore a few of my favorites that I've recycled here and there. My new and shiny toys would be these Kenzo tiger flats. Just when I thought I was tiring of the Kenzo tiger, boom, they slapped him on flats, and leaf green ones at that. I've been living in them since they came on Friday. 

Enjoy your week!

Full Circle

Friday, January 11, 2013

(Hat - Nasty Gal, Sweater - Modekungen, Bag - Givenchy, Pants - Sass & Bide,
Pumps - Christian Louboutin)

I arrived back in the states on Wednesday evening, and I'm still conquering jet lag and all those other little pests that accompany a fifteen hour flight. Two weeks just wasn't enough for all Sydney has to offer. Double that and I think I could've toured it properly. I've always wanted a second apartment in NYC or London, but now I'm thinking Sydney would make more than a better second place to call home. That care free vibe will never get old to me. 

I took a bunch of rad photos while exploring Sydney via instagram. If you're interested, you can check them out here.

Enjoy your weekend!

Lace Up

Monday, January 7, 2013

(Hat - Nasty Gal, Tee - Bassike, Bracelet - Sass & Bide, Pants - Isabel Marant, Bag - Givenchy, Pumps - Christian Louboutin)

I'd have to label these Isabel Marant pants as the best shopping find of my trip. I discovered them at this rad little hidden boutique in Paddington where I scored them for sixty percent off. Beyond stoked since most stores sold out at full price. Arriving in Australia one day after the holiday was definitely a smart move shopping wise. I really wasn't expecting to score such awesome finds at insanely low prices. As if Australia weren't already awesome enough. Icing on the cake. 

Enjoy your day!


Friday, January 4, 2013

(Hat - Nasty Gal, Blouse - Equipment, Pants - Bec & Bridge, Bag - Givenchy,
Pumps - Christian Louboutin)

These gorgeous pants arrived today from Bec & Bridge, and in perfect timing, as I've been living in dresses for a majority of my trip. I'm up to 16 pairs of printed pants and counting. Slight obsession would be an understatement. It doesn't help that Ksubi has about four pairs that are on sale right now in their Paddington store that I'm thinking that I can't live without. 

I've been taking tons of rad photos of my adventures here in Sydney via Instagram. If you'd like to pop in and see what I'm up to, feel free to here

Happy Friday!